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Boyz in the Hood

Choose 1 of the following films to view:
—Hunger Games —Walkout
—Remember the Titans —Zero Dark Thirty
—Boyz in the Hood —Krippendorf’s Tribe
—Dead Man Walking —Save the Last Dance
—American History X —Adventures in Babysitting
Most of the time, we view films simply for entertainment. For this assignment, you will
be viewing the film from the perspective of a criminologist/sociologist. You must take a
critical orientation and look for themes that exemplify concepts we have covered in this
a. Watch the movie at least twice. Choose ONE or TWO theories from our text, discussion
or lecture to help analyze the events in this movie.
b. Look for scenes related to topics in our course. Take notes as needed to remember relevant
scenes that may depict or support the theory you have chosen.
c. Write a sociological essay/analysis of the movie, using the outline below:
1) Movie: Title, Year Released, Director, Main Actors and Character Names.
2) Short Summary: What is the main theme of the movie? What relevant subplots
will you be discussing later in the paper? Introduce the theory you will be using
to guide your analysis.
3) Analysis of Scene 1: Describe how this concept helps explain the theory or
how the theory is supported through the scene,
4) Analysis of Scene 2: Same as #3 but for the scene 2.
5) Conclusions: How does applying this theory to the movie help us understand
better? Be sure to be specific on what it is that you understand better.

Theory: Subcultural Theory and maybe Conflict Theory

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