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Brand Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement: The Impact on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Saudi Arabia

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• Title page
• Declaration (empty page)
• Abstract
• Dedication (empty page)
• Acknowledgements (empty page)
• Table of contents
• List of tables
• List of figures
• Abbreviations

Chapter One: Introduction

1.1 Celebrity endorsement background
1.1.1 Celebrity endorsement definitions
1.1.2 Celebrity endorsement theory
1.1.3 Celebrity endorsement process
1.1.4 Celebrity endorsement types
1.1.5 Meaning transfer model
1.1.6 Celebrity endorsement match up hypothesis

1.2 Advertisement & celebrity endorsement
1.2.1 History of advertisement
1.2.2 History of celebrity endorsement
1.2.4 The celebrity scandal

1.3 Advertisement & celebrity endorsement in Saudi Arabia
1.3.1 History of advertisement in Saudi Arabia
1.3.2 Celebrity endorsement – Saudi Arabia perspective
1.3.3 Celebrity endorser image, position and products brand
1.3.4 Celebrity characteristics and attitude of Saudi customers towards celebrity
1.3.5 The influence of celebrity endorsement on Saudi consumers brand perception
1.3.6 The impact of celebrity endorsement on purchase intentions
1.3.7 The impact of celebrity endorsement on social media in Saudi Arabia
1.3.8 Research gab & problem statement
1.3.9 Purpose & significance of the study (importance of celebrity endorsement)
1.3.10 Hypothesis

Chapter Two: Research Methodology

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Research question
2.3 Objectives
2.4 Research design
2.5 Data collection

Chapter Three: Results & Data Analysis

Chapter Four: Discussion

Chapter Five: Summary & future directions

4.1 Summary & conclusion
4.2 Recommendations & future directions

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