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Brief Description of Task
• This task will focus your attention on the participation and inclusion of vulnerable population group(s) within a particular local government area , Colac Otway,Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe or Surf Coast (Victoria, Australia)
• You will be provided with a community grant application form from GMHBA Healthy Community Grants Program.
• https://www.gmhba.com.au/health-community/gmhba-in-the-community/grants-program
• This task will require you to complete a grant application for funding for a health promotion program
• Marking rubric for this task is uploaded
• Sample of grant application uploaded
For the purpose of this assessment task, you need to choose a community organisation to write the grant application on behalf of. This can be a community organisation of your choice.
• You will need to research an appropriate organisation and write the application on their behalf (i.e. as if you are working for that organisation).?
• The program should be based in the local setting (i.e. school, club, public housing estate etc.)?The program should focus on a vulnerable or socially disadvantaged group (CALD, low-SES, older people, youth, people with chronic illness, women etc.).
• The application will need to include a set of program goals (aims), objectives, strategies, and evaluation techniques.?
• You will need to include evidence-base and health promotion theory that informs the program plan.
• You will need to demonstrate health promotion, community engagement and settings principles and frameworks that your program will be based on.?
• The grant application will need to demonstrate a number of strategies and methods that could be used to engage members of that organisation/community to be actively involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the program.?
• You will need to outline capacity-building strategies that will encourage sustainability and the successful implementation of your program.?
• You need to identify specific tools and techniques from the literature that will be used to facilitate social inclusion and community participation.?
• Timelines, budgeting (up to $10,000) and organisational details will also need to be included.?
• Fill out all sections of the application.?
• Your reference should be included at the end of the application.

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