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BSc Operations Management UG5002
Minor Assessment
Angelo Arcuri
AY 2015/2016
Assessment: Individual Project
Word Count: 2000 +/–100 per person
Percentage of final grade given: 25%
Submission Date Written Report Week 6 – See Portal for submission details
Submission Date Oral Presentation: N/A
Objectives of the minor assessment
The aim of this assignment is to give students a chance to test their ability to apply the tools presented in
the “Operations Management” course to the analysis of real-world business cases.
Description of the assignment
The case: Braccialini Group, Florence (Italy).
Braccialini Group is a leather goods manufacturer, managing several trademarks, either directly owned or
used under license.
Each student is expected to submit a case report, based also on the analysis of relevant background readings
on top of the case study itself, addressing the following issues:
? Explain what is meant by “operations” and discuss their strategic role at Braccialini.
? State what transformed and transforming resources are used in the production process.
? Describe the group’s operations abroad.
? Explain what the terms “quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost” mean in the context of
operations and competitiveness at Braccialini.
? Suggest a process for the design of new products.
This is an academic piece of work: your case report is expected to link theory and practice
You should take care to ensure that the work you submit has a high standard of presentation. You must
acknowledge all sources of information and evidence using the Harvard Referencing System.
The report will count for 25% of the final grade given for the “Operations Management” course.
Structure of the assignment.
Cover page.
It includes the course name, the project title, the students’ full names, the lecturer’s full name and
the submission date.
Table of contents.
It includes all the headings with appropriate page numbers, including the References and the
Executive summary.
It introduces the reader to the case you are going to present.
(see under “Description of the assignment”)
They draw key insights from the case analysis, summarize the main features of the company
presented and propose future development for its business and organisational solutions.
The case report is expected to consist of approximately 2000 words, not counting tables or inserts,
introduction and conclusions. The report should be prepared as a neatly typed Word document (Times New
Roman, 12 points), with double spacing and page numbering. Tables or data taken from other sources may
be included in one or more Appendices. All sources must be referenced in the text and a full list of references
(including visited websites) must be provided, in compliance with the Harvard Referencing System.
Submission Details:
Projects and slides must be delivered by email to the lecturer and the academic office. The project must
also be loaded on Turnitin by the deadline. A paper copy of the project and slides must also be delivered to
the lecturer at the start of class during Week 6.
Deadline for submission by email and on Turnitin: Sunday, November 15th at midnight
Deadline for submission of hardcopy: at the start of class, Week 6
Turnitin Code: TBA
Lateness policy.
For each day of delay, 5 points will be subtracted to the grade you earned with your minor assessment
(maximum 25 points). If you submit your case report after 5 days from the deadline, you will receive a grade
of 0 (zero) for your minor assessment.
Excellent work:
Above satisfactory
60% – 69%
Satisfactory work:
50 – 59%
Below satisfactory
40% – 49%
Below 40%
Excellent knowledge
and understanding of
material and an
imaginative sense of
its relevance across a
range of issues, and
context or policy
situation; excellent
use of course
material and other
relevant information
to support argument
Very good use of
course material and
other information;
well chosen to
support arguments
relevant to question
Competent use of
course materials
and other
information to
support most
Some use of
appropriate course
materials and
experience to
support arguments;
capacity to identify
relevance, but may
be rather narrowly
focused and miss
out important areas
Little or no sign of
Independent and
creative, and
demonstrates clear
thinking; ability to
analyse and critically
evaluate material
Good knowledge and
understanding of the
material, across a
broad spectrum,
combined with an
ability to evaluate,
analyse and reflect
on key issues
knowledge of the
material and ability
to draw upon more
than one source for
ideas; uses key
themes well.
understanding and
use of course and
other relevant
material; mostly
descriptive, but
with some grasp of
key course themes
and issues and a
capacity to discuss
these in context
Very limited
knowledge and
understanding and
the issues involved
A sensitive
awareness of
conflicting arguments
and ideas and of their
provenance. Clear
grasp of implications.
Well organised use of
most of the major
points with an ability
to draw upon them
creatively and
critically; awareness
of conflicting
arguments and ideas
and attempt to
address them in
Capacity to grapple
with conflicting
arguments and
ideas; beginning to
draw together and
synthesise ideas
and perspectives
from a range of
Some attempt to
address the
arguments and
ideas from the
course, some signs
of an attempt to
take an evaluative,
analytical and
critical stance;
some appropriate
use of concepts,
but with only
limited evidence of
Lack of awareness
of conflicting
arguments and
organisation of
material; clear,
logical flow of
argument; good signposting
Good, clear
framework and
reasoned argument
with evidence of
careful thought
Sensible use of
major points
integrated into the
answer; logical flow
of ideas is apparent
Framework is
apparent with an
argument and
conclusion, but the
logical flow and
coherence is not
always consistent
and may be difficult
to follow
Little or no
evidence of
planned structure
and organisation

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