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Buffalo Creek Paper

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As discussed in class, by the last day of finals week (May 8, 2015) you are to read
The Buffalo Creek Disaster and turn-in a typed paper (double spaced) addressing each of
the following questions/issues:
(1) A minimum of ten (10) impressions, reactions, or take-away comments from
the book;
(2) Your reaction to the outcome of the case;
(3) Your personal assessment of the ethical conduct of Gerald M. Stern
(attorney), K.K. Hall (Judge), Pittson, the management of Buffalo Creek, and
any other character/participant in the story;
(4) How the case/story has impacted your view of the legal system (has it reaffirmed
what you thought or, perhaps, changed your view?);
(5) Knowing what you now do, what would you advise Attorney Stern (or
someone in his position), if a case like this were to occur again?

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