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this is a final exam i attach three files:
1- the case study file
2- the questions file
3- the book for the course
please follow the questions instructions

Read the case study:  National Grid – Developing skills in a large organization through training and development

National Grid needs a technology solution to manage the training offered to resources in their effort to meet the goals of their Workforce Planning initiative.  The Training & Development Department (T&D) is having many challenges tracking all of the various training programs (both on-the-job and off-the-job) and participants using email and spreadsheets, and is in need of a more automated, sophisticated solution.

You have just been hired as a new Business Analyst at a large consulting firm, and this is your first project.  National Grid has hired your firm for a 6-week engagement to deliver a high level analysis on a proposed solution that will solve for this business problem.

As a new member of this project team, a recent college graduate and an experienced IIBA academic scholar, they are relying on you to bring your expertise to the team.  You are familiar now with many of approaches, tools and techniques from the BABOK, our lecture content, discussion board conversations, lecturettes, and webinars.   You are in a very influential position to drive the content and direction of this automated solution.

Your solution needs to include a clear description of the business problem you are solving, your stakeholders, approach, planning steps, elicitation steps and techniques, key requirements and how you will validate them, risks and risk responses, change management and communication plan.  You also need to identify the questions you need to ask your stakeholders to more fully understand the problem.

You will be graded on the following:
?    Demonstrate a true understanding of the BABOK
?    Include and expand upon sections for each of the areas noted in the paragraph above:
o    Clear description of the business problem you are solving
o    Approach
o    Identification and understanding of your stakeholders, including the questions you would need to ask them to more fully understand the problem
o    Planning steps
o    Elicitation steps and techniques you are recommending
o    Key requirements and how you will validate them
o    Risks and risk responses
o    Change management and communication plan
?    Clearly use at least 6 tools that we have learned in class
?    Present comprehensive content and a logical flow, demonstrating clarity and simplicity in your solution
?    Describe an end-to-end solution and “story” so your client can clearly understand what you are proposing
?    Clearly articulate the added business value this solution will bring to the organization


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