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Business book unit summary

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THE BOOK : “Annual Editions: Global Issues, 31/e 31st Edition by Robert Weiner (Author)”
ISBN-13: 978-1259343988
ISBN-10: 1259343987
please use the correct book!

“Unit 2: Population, the Global Environment and Natural Resources ”

when you write you should think about the following questions too:
• Why do you think the editor of the text grouped these articles together?
• What are the basic approaches or ideas each of the articles includes that is shared by the other articles?
• Were there statements or approaches you disagreed with? If so, what is your perspective?
• Were there ideas that made you uncomfortable? Why is that?
• If you could ask the authors of the articles one or two important questions, what would you ask them?
• What ideas or perspectives do you think are important for your success as a Business School student and after that a graduate of the Business School?
• If you had to explain the article to a younger colleague, what are the important points you would include?

You may not want to use or need to use all of these, but try to use at least three or four for each summary. Now you will need to organize your thoughts to write the summary.

• Use your responses to the questions above to identify three or four main points from the unit. What do you think are the most important elements? What unifies the articles?
• You should be able use a point from most, if not all, of the articles. How do the individual articles support or tie into your key points? • How do YOU think they fit together?
• What did you learn from the unit?

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