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Search on the Internet for examples of two companies that have produced ‘sustainability reports’, where the two companies are either from different industries but from the same country OR are from the same industry and from different countries.

Write a report that:

a. assesses the quality of the reporting in terms of the Global Report Initiative’s G4 (2013) criteria (i.e. balance, comparability, accuracy,timeliness, clarity and reliability, including assurance);

b. evaluates the advantages and disadvantages for the two companies of using a standardised (i.e. comparable) approach;

c. makes recommendations about how each of the reports could be improved and why.

Use an appendix of no more than 1,000 words (not included in the global assignment word count of 2000 words) to provide background to your report setting out the differences between the reports of the two companies in terms of the range of issues dealt with in the reports and the depth of the coverage.

In a second appendix, please copy and paste two of your Blackboard blog posts, plus two of your comments to your classmates on their blog posts. Please give a heading for each post and each comment indicating the date, the subject and, if it is a comment, the name of the person whose blog you commented on.

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