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Business Ethics – Unit 7

Read Unit 7 of the book [Business Ethics: Case Studies and Selected Readings] by Marianne M. Jennings, then answer the following Discussion questions:

1-How can ethical conduct conflict with companies seeking to make a profit? Explain.
2-What are the different workplace conflicts that can arise? How should one analyze and resolve these conflicts? Explain.
3-What are the pros and cons for having a diverse work environment? Explain.
4-Per Case 7.5, BP Oil, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,5 on Page 438
5-Per Case 7.8, The Trading Desk, please answer Discussion Question 3 on Page 443
6-Per Case 7.10, Taser, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3,4 on Page 448
7-Per Case 7.11, Boeing, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3,4 on Page 450
8-Per Case 7.15, English Only, please answer Discussion Questions 1,2,3 on Page 456

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