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The report should be approximately 1,600-1650 words in length (excluding references, executive summary, content page, illustrations such as diagrams, charts and pictures, and appendices) and should be presented in a report format including title page, executive summary, content page, main body of your report, acknowledgement if applicable, references, and appendices.

For this assignment, you are required to:

1. Propose and justify the use of relevant frameworks, models, methods and/or processes of Web mining, Web analytics and software agents in dealing with the extended case or identified problem on the basis of your coursework#1. The theoretical rationale, procedures, and supporting techniques and technologies should be well presented and argued, with evidence of using properly acknowledged sources and referring to appropriate theory, research and practice. Critical review and synthesis of the literature, in-depth analysis of findings, and logical reasoning should be made.

2. Select and justify your choice of Web mining software tools, Web analytics software tools, decision support tools, and/or software agent tools for your frameworks, models, methods and/or processes proposed in Requirement #1, in order to deal with the case or problem. The business, management and technical criteria or factors affecting your selection of the BI software tools should be addressed and discussed. The explanation for selecting your tools should be given, with comparison to other alternative BI software tools available in the market.

Web analytical tools for websites:
• Google analytics
• Google doubleclick
• WebTrends
• Adobe Web Analytics
• Coremetrics
Web Mining software tools:
• ClickTracks
• SAS Web Analytics
• XML Miner
• Megaputer Web Analyst
Social media Analytical tools:
• Facebook Insights
• Social Flow
• Ice rocket

3. Analyse and discuss the potential value, effectiveness and efficiency of your proposed solutions and associated software tools for improving business processes, business performance, and better informed decision making, and creating competitive advantage.

4. Provide good structure, professional presentation and correct referencing for your answers.

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