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Frances, an executive with GMO Seed & Feed, Inc., has to decide whether to market a product that could offer substantial benefits but might also have potentially serious side effects for a small percentage of users. How should Frances decide whether to sell the product? How does the standard of ethics that is applied affect this answer?

Describe 3 different ethical decision making systems and apply each to this dilemma
conclude by discussing how you feel these systems would lead you to make the “right” decision

Discuss ethics and ethical decision making (100 words – 5 sentences – 1 paragraph) also mention the assignment’s ethical dilemma in your own words
Main Section:
Paragraph 1: Utilitarianism
cost benefit analysis – for each group affected by the decision
majority of consumers
cost – not much as they are unaffected
benefits – cheap food
cost – in adverse publicity
benefit – profit
adversely affected consumer
cost – possible death
benefit – cheap food

Paragraph 2 Categorical Imperative – Kantian Ethics
if the whole world ate GMO food what would happen or
what would happen if GMO products were universally banned?
(google this one)

Paragraph 3 pick another one from chapter

Conclusion “I feel that the “best” decision for Frances would be………
describe why

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