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Provide accurate accountability for all equipment entering and exiting the area of operations in Afghanistan. This service provided assist the warfighter with the equipment required for mission accomplishment while providing cost savings to the government though 100% accountability through the Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A)
Description of your relationship and role in the organization/business
I’m currently the TPE Operations Supervisor in which I supervise 101 personnel comprise of 12 different departments. These departments range from turn in sections to asset visibility and property transfer teams amongst others

Theatre Provided Equipment (TPE) BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS

• US Military organizations deploying to combat zone
• Coalition Forces deploying to combat zone
• Contractor supporting military in combat zone
• Any organization using US government equipment in combat zone

• Provides property accountability on all equipment
• Accurately distributes government equipment supporting US & Coalition Forces
• Maintains visibility on all government equipment in theatre
• Executes dispositions on turn in and transfers of all government equipment

• Customers initially introduce through bidding of contract
• Contracts are 5 years based with option year clauses
• Interaction is customer based through daily operations
• Contracting officer serves as liaison to ensure work performance are being met

• Great interactive skills between customer and organization
• Organization considered subject matter expert/ enabling customer trust
• Provides professional assistance to customer for all entities dealing with equipment

• Customer focusses on lowest bidder who will provide overall service at high level
• Customer pays upfront for services but only for a year at a time even though 5 years contract
• No incentives, just performance contract

• Logistical expertise
• Familiarity with all Army regulations
• Expertise in SAP software Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-A)
• Familiarity with US Army equipment and accountability processes

• Daily screening of paperwork for accuracy
• Maintaining document register file for all transactions
• Executing of all disposition instructions
• Monthly inventories on equipment bot sensitive and cyclic

• Sub-contractors who provide personnel with required skill set

• Cost for all required positions on contract
• Cost for service provided
• Overall cost for all additional resources
• Additional cost for any services outside of work performance.

During research and analyzing the structure of the organization in which I work. I’ve sincerely seen to see how everything has evolved. Most interesting is just looking at the position in which I currently hold and how something as minor as job descriptions holds key to the contract within itself and the cost structure. The overall 9 bullets show the strategic planning of how businesses start up and the how relationships with the customer plays a major role.

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