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this is a business plan for made up business we formed.

When you are travelling and there is need for a specific medicine or medical assistance in case of emergency, it is really hard to find a hospital or a pharmacy when you don’t speak the native language. And when you find one, you don’t know if the pharmacy will have the medicines you need.

* For whom is it a problem

For travellers in foreign countries

* Why is it important to address the problem

Because currently there is no app in the market for this and it could help save lives or at least offer comfort.

2. The Solution

* What is the solution

* MedKit is an app that provides a list of drugs available and prices at the nearest pharmacy in case an emergency happens while you travel.

* It is a solution for travellers in desperate need for medical products.

* It is better than anything else on offer because the apps in the market only keep record of your regular medicine intake and reminds you when to take them. MedKit tells you exactly where you can find what you are looking for and how much it will cost you.

* Describe the product/service

It is an app for Android and IOS. It has a profile that you can fill up with your health conditions, the drugs that you take regularly and informs you of generic products that might be available in the country you are e.g. Thailand or Indonesia.

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