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business strategy and your performance outcome

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The Assignment
Referring to your overall business strategy and your performance outcome over the whole simulation,
supported by facts from the simulation and any relevant references, provide a report containing the following
and use as much relevant data from the simulation to help justify your analysis and discussion, and ensure
that you analyse the data from all periods. You may find it useful to include the relevant data as appendices.

1) Your starting business position and initial strategy (10 marks)

You should refer to Simulation Analysis 1 as you will have addressed your firm’s initial business
position and initial strategy there. Followed by a brief discussion as to why you have decided to
develop those strategies.

2) Your firm’s performance objectives and actual performance (10 marks)

In SA1 and SA2 you will have looked at your firm’s performance objectives, and it is helpful to start
with them. Followed by your actual performance (after P10 decisions). You should then provide a
brief discussion on the differences.

3) Key strategic moves that led to your success (or demise) (40 marks)

This is a crucial section, it is not only worth 40 marks of this assignment but it is the main section for
you to analyse, justify and discuss the strategies, actions and moves that led to your success. In the
situation where your firm has not been as successful as hoped (failure/demise), especially if your
stock price has fallen below your starting stock price, this is the section for you to analyse, justify and
explain why the decisions you have made were not beneficial or did not lead to increased stock price.

What you should aim for, as a minimum is the following: What is the outcome of the previous
decisions, Why those decisions were not as successful as you hoped, What decisions have you
made for this period and Why have you made those decision.

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