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Answer 3 from the 4 questions below:

Q1. Using company examples, explain the advantages and disadvantages (critical analysis, constrast and compare) of using the Strategy Canvas (evaluate elements errc grid,blue ocean) in the context of the structuralist (competitive strategy )and reconstructionist schools of strategy.
Q2. Using contemporary journal papers and texts, describe the role of dynamic capabilities in strategy formulation and gaining competitive advantage.
Essential Reading: David Teece, Constance Helfat, Gray Pisano, Véronique Ambrosini
using those peoples’s journals and books (use at least one from each person) is highly important* in this essay.
Strategy formulation —framework table/ justification -why
modify and extent to meet market requirement.
Q3. Using contemporary journal papers, assess the relevance of structuralist/competitive strategy formulation processes in the construction of modern business models (world of e-commerce: (1. value position, 2. target market/ B2B or B2C, segementation, PEST).
Q4. “Effective strategy formulation is linear and prescriptive” or is it “judgemental designing, intuitive visioning, and emergent learning”. Discuss.
essential reading: Mintzberg, H., Ahlstrand, B. W. and Lampel, J. B. (2008) Strategy safari: The complete guide through the wilds of strategic management. 2nd edn. New York: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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