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Case Study Written Assignment
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Case Study
Emma is a registered nurse working on the surgical ward in a metropolitan hospital. She is caring for Steve, a 46 year old man who has come from the operating theatre (OT) post knee replacement after long term complications and pain from an old football injury.
Emma undertakes an assessment on Steve upon his arrival to the ward. Steve is wearing Anti-Embolism Compression Stockings (TED stockings) and tells Emma that he will not wear them anymore because they look silly and his friends are coming in to see him. Emma says to Steve ‘You should keep the stockings on’, however he removes them.
The next day Emma comes in for day shift and is called to the Nurse Unit Manager’s (NUM) office. The NUM informs Emma that her patient Steve developed shortness of breath in the night and was intubated and taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Steve was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism (PE). The NUM asks Emma why Steve was not wearing his TED stockings as the ICU specialist suggested this increased Steve’s risk for developing the PE. The NUM also informs Emma that the ICU specialist feels that Steve is likely to have significant damage to his lungs as a result of the PE.
When Emma gets home from work that afternoon she is upset and makes a post to her Facebook ©wall . Whilst Emma has not mentioned any names in her post many of her Facebook© friends know where Emma works and are colleagues of hers.
1. What types of knowledge/ways of knowing should have informed Emma’s decisions and actions in this matter?
• Outline the fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing and explain how
EACH applies to the scenario.
2. What ethical issues can be raised as a result of this scenario?
• Define the bioethical principles commonly utilised in healthcare and explain how they apply to the issues you have identified.
3. If legal action is taken by Steve or his family is it likely that Emma will be found to be negligent?
• Consider the 4 actions that must be met to be considered negligent. 4. Is Emma’s post on Facebook© a breach of Steve’s Privacy?
• Consider legislation, hospital policy and the NMBA codes and guidelines in your response.
5. What should Emma have done differently in this scenario?
• Justify your response with reference to the NMBA codes and guidelines.
????Emma Jones Can’t believe I got called into the office today
because my patient refused to wear his stockings & ended up
in ICU!!!

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