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case study questions for Computers and Society
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Read the instructions and the chapter provided and answer the following questions. Instructions: 1- Each question should be answered in a short paragraph. 2- Note that I am particularly picky in how you use sources for your answers to case studies. I want YOUR words. You may quote to illustrate a point, but you must make that point in your own words. Any quotes must be marked. 3- I will attach the chapter that is required to answer the questions in a doc. format, in addition to the questions that needs to be answered.

1 in 10 high-skilled tech workers (mostly software related) in America have lost their jobs to foreign workers since 2003 (primarily to workers in Asia and Eastern Europe). This has occurred in two ways: US companies may relocate a portion of their production offshore (HP, Cisco) or US companies may contract out services to foreign companies (IRS). In either case, high tech workers now face the same problems that manufacturing workers did in the 1980s. The problem impacts those unemployed as well as the general population: Unemployed tech workers purchase fewer goods and services, have reduced investment funds, etc.
Offshoring is also occurring at rapid rates in the areas of information processing and call-center help desks. White collar workers (who may not necessarily be considered high-skilled) are impacted in this case. Call centers and data processing centers are the “white-collar assembly lines” of IT. Accountants, medical transcriptionists, telemarketers, and other jobs dealing with digital information are moving overseas.

Resources to be used to answer the questions (they are hyperlinks)
The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
A book review of The World is Flat by Joseph Stiglitz
Answer these questions regarding high tech offshoring. You will be graded on the quality of your responses. .
1. Friedman’s article discusses offshoring only indirectly. Based solely on the content of the entire article, how would you categorize Friedman’s position on offshoring? (4pts)
2. According to Friedman, what is currently the most important force shaping global economics and politics? (2pt)
3. The UK is considering a tax on UK-based companies that offshore. Find US federal or state legislation that is attempting to restrict offshoring in some way. Name the specific proposed or enacted bill, whether it is federal or state (and what state), and the year it was introduced; e.g., Federal SB 1499 (2003). (2pt)
4. Present one argument that refutes Friedman’s claim that the world is flat. (2 pt)

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