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Case Study: The Virtual Police Department

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Read the document in the course syllabus under Course Resources labeled “Final Project Background.” This document describes the Virtual Police Department; a medium-sized police department with an average amount of crime.

You will write a 7-10-page report (cover page and bibliography not included in page count) that addresses the issues and problems listed. The paper must:

Identify at least four (4) most critical issues/problems facing the Virtual Police Department. For each of these issues:
a. Describe how the history of the agency has contributed to any of these issues/problems
b. Discuss how the agency culture has contributed to any of the selected issues/problems
c. Discuss how the department is organized and managed

Discuss the demographic differences in the community and the police department, and what strategies could be implemented to make the agency more reflective of the community
Provide an analysis of the crime statistics, trends and patterns

Discuss possible solutions to each of the other issues/problems selected from the case study with specific reference to changes to the VPD culture, organization and management, crime reduction and case closure


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