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Sexism in the workplace has many negative effects on woman; financially, emotionally, psychologically.
Paper/Speech 3
PURPOSE: Students will read Amy Schumer’s The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, and participate in a discussion where we identify the major social issues brought to the forefront through her comedic lens. Comedy DOES exist to entertain, but it also exists to bring awareness and create social change. We have learned this semester that jokes are rarely just jokes – it is all a bit more complicated than we first assumed.
After a list has been created, students will choose one they are most interested in and use it for the composition of the Unit Three speech and paper.
Students will also engage in a lecture about logical fallacy and the rhetorical appeals and tools. These will be used in the final paper/speech as well.
For example, rape and issues of consent are presented for consideration in Schumer’s work. If that were the topic a student chose, s/he would then have to select an argument type that best presents what s/he wants to argue about rape and consent and locate research to help him prove his argument. In that case, a thesis such as the below would work:
In Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, comedy is used to highlight the fact that for many victims of rape, an intimate partner or acquaintance is often guilty of forgoing consent; this understanding directly affects the common belief system that rapists are strangers, and that rape is always a violent and easy-to-define crime.
The thesis points to the discovery of the social issue in comedy, but the research and argument the writer pursues will be on the social issue and not the comedy. The above example’s paper and speech would further illuminate intimate partner violence, consent, and “date rape”, and NOT Amy Schumer. Schumer’s text is the springboard for the research and analysis.
All students must compose a TTR and Topic Outline with a working thesis/central idea which sets the paper’s/speech’s goals out for the audience and organizes the unit goals. BOTH THE TTR AND THE TOPIC OUTLINES MUST CONTAIN A COMMITMENT TO AN ARGUMENT TYPE AS WELL.
The audience for this unit is your academic peers. You may assume that your audience has a basic understanding of your subject, much as you do before you engage the research process. The forum is a formal, academic essay/speech. Any paper/speech that doesn’t achieve this purpose and respect this rhetorical situation cannot earn a passing grade.

Paper Requirements:
• This paper must be 5-6 pages long.
• This paper must use and cite a minimum of four sources:
o four critical, academic sources (NONE from the freeweb)
o Schumer’s book can count as one
• This paper must have a Works Cited page.
• This paper must integrate research using proper MLA in-text citation and incorporation techniques.
• This paper must have a fully functioning, embedded thesis statement that works to achieve the goals of the paper.
• This paper must have passed through the TTR process before it can be submitted for a grade.
• This paper must have been brought to class in draft form and engaged in the peer response process before it can be submitted for a grade.
Any paper that doesn’t meet these minimum requirements cannot earn a passing grade.

Speech Requirements:
• General Purpose: To Persuade
• Length: 6 – 7 minutes
• You have a two-minute window for this speech. The time may be anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30. You will be penalized one point for every minute you are above the required time and two points for every minute you are below the required time.
• A topic outline with Purpose Statement, Central Idea, argument type and Main Ideas must be approved.
• Delivery style: Extemporaneous – You must use note cards (which will be turned in after the speech).
• Submit a typed Preparation Outline.
• This paper must use and cite a minimum of four sources:
1. four critical, academic sources (NONE from the freeweb)
2. Schumer’s book can count as one.
• This speech must have a works cited page.
• Minimum of Four verbal citations in the speech.
• Visual aids are required.
Any speech that doesn’t meet these minimum requirements cannot earn a passing grade.
4/18: TTR and Topic Outlines due
4/23: Speech 3 Preparation Outline and Works Cited draft due
4/30: Revised Outlines due; Perform Speech

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