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Bee, Helen, & Boyd, Denise. (2009). The Developing Child, Chapter 14, Beyond the Family: The Impact of the Broader Culture. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Answer the following questions:
In the U.S., do you think the poverty rate has increased since 2006?
Yes No

How does poverty affect the family as a whole?

Compared with other children, children raised in poverty…
Have higher rates of illness and disabilities Have the same distribution of IQ Develop cognitively at the same rate Are less likely to be poor as adults

The Kansa’s income is so low that they are considered below the poverty line. Researchers would predict that, compared to working class or middle class parents, the Kansa would…
Be more warm and nurturing Be less likely to discipline their children Talk more to their children Explain things less often

A nurse is caring for an African-American child recently admitted to the hospital. The nurse should be aware of which broad cultural characteristics for this child when planning care? Select all that apply:
Silence may indicate a lack of trust. Maintaining constant eye contact may be viewed as aggressive. Illness may be seen as the “will of God.” No importance is attached to nonverbal behavior.

May Lin is Chinese American. She probably has been taught to…
Believe that achievement is important. Value children over adults. Be assertive. Believe in fate.

Alia is a Syrian refugee living in Lebanon, probably she is taught to…
Believe in herself. Get married and make a family. Fight for her rights. Earn an education.

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