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Challenges of having Vertigo

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Research Paper:
This substantial project (two letter/essay grades) will test our ability to collect, synthesize, and articulate relevant information from a variety of critical sources (5 pages of text with page 6 as Works Cited page: three scholarly sources two of which are books. Any electronic sources MUST come from DSC Library Database). You have to use two books from Daytona states library or EBook’s as two out of the three sources. These books have to be by a single author. To get to the DSC library you just have to go to google and type in Daytona State library and it should be the first link that appears. This research paper is talking about vertigo, but not only that it has to reference the film “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock in the paper. It just has to associate with the movie a little in the paper, but the paper is mainly about the challenges that come along with having this disease. Also for the 3rd source it has to be from an article or newspaper from someone kind of important, like by New York times or a major writer like that.

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