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Change management paper

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1.I’ll upload the outline to my account, please stay close to the outline. Write the paper as an expanded outline rather than narrative. That means, please copy and paste the outline, and fill in the outline one by one with either paragraphs or the combination of paragraphs and bullet points. Please make sure you answered each question.

2. Use theories drawn from this class, which I will upload the class notes to my account. My professor use a very broad definition of theory so it is okay to use hypotheses, findings, concepts as well as formal theories that he mentioned in the class hand outs. Do not make up your own theory. Use no more than you need to answer all of the questions in the outline (no more than four theories). You may add a theory not discussed in class with the prior permission of the instructor.

3. You may choose topics you have personally experienced or one that you intend to pursue. This is not a very academic paper, so you don’t have to do a lot of research. Just think about an experience while you working or during your internship, about how the working environment has changed. Our professor mentioned he preferred a failed changing movement. And, no specific company name or people’s name, you can use Company A or person A or even “Jerk” could work.

4. This is not a literature review paper. It is a “think and apply” paper. Consequently, students who have turned in summaries of research have received very low grades. Use the paper as a chance to apply material to real situations.

5. Position papers are usually 8 pages.

6. The more specific the change management sections the better. Write in the paper exactly what you would do in as much detail as possible.

7. Please double check the spelling and our professor hate grammar mistakes.

8. Please create the paper as a Microsoft Word document.

9. Grade is based on consistency between sections of the paper, complete coverage of topics on the outline, citation/explanation of appropriate theory and research presented in class, and ability to justify conclusions based upon experience and theory/research.

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