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Complete a stress analysis of the following character: Sponge Bob Square Pants. Review a series of Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoons before completing the project. To complete the stress analysis, respond to the numbered items below. All work must be completed thoroughly. Work must have a professional appearance so check for writing errors and avoid using first-person, avoid contractions, avoid texting language, avoid slang, etc. Work must be completed using Times Roman 12, black font consistently throughout. Intext citations and references will be in APA format. Remove these instructions. Number each item as you see identified below. Work that cannot be opened using MicroSoft Word will not be graded. PDF documents are not acceptable. Avoid sending through email. Purpose: Identify a comic strip character and complete a stress analysis by following the steps below. 1. In 100 or more words, explain why Sponge Bob is stressed. 2. In 100 or more words, discuss the physical, psychological, and emotional signs and symptoms of stress displayed by Sponge Bob. Identify and label in the description which signs and symptoms are physical, psychological, and emotional. (when labeling as physical, psychological, and emotional signs/symptoms of stress, include the labels in bold font) 3. Identify five bulleted statements said by Sponge Bob that implies stress. 4. Describe in 100 or more words treatments that should be recommended to Sponge Bob to help him learn to deal with the stressors. Provide statements of support from reliable resources. 5. Discuss how Sponge Bob will benefit from the treatments. Make sure the treatments recommended are suitable for Sponge Bob. Provide statements of support from reliable resources. 6. What does research suggest about the treatments that you have recommended for Sponge Bob? Reliable resource from research expected. 7. Identify five pictures of Sponge Bob while he was stressed and identify five pictures of Sponge Bob after he is able to cope with stress through the self-help treatments. Provide a summary of the pictures as related to the positive change now noted in Sponge Bob. 8. Discuss in 100 or more words what Sponge Bob needs on a daily basis to maintain his ability to cope with stress now that he has progressed through treatments. Provide statements of support from reliable resources. 9. Discuss in 100 or more words information that the textbook can suggest that Sponge Bob do to cope with his stress from day to day. 10. Include 100 or more words discuss how you would summarize

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