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Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

Order Description
Each student will have the opportunity to conduct research in an area of interest (Childhood Onset Schizophrenia). The purpose of this research is to first, take a stance on the area of study (COS) and secondly, review and analyse research that has been conducted in this area in order to both support AND refute both sides of this particular area of research.

The THESIS is “Antipsychotic medications are an effective treatment for childhood-onset schizophrenia”.

While discussing the benefits of this treatment, you must also present the reader with the downfalls of such a treatment. You can research another treatment option (psychotherapy) and discuss why this is also effective!

The paper should be 8 pages (NOT INCLUDING TITLE AND REFERENCE PAGES), typed and double-spaced.

You must review and utilize a MINIMUM of 6 credible resources in your research paper NO OLDER THAN 2006. You must go right to primary resources such as journal articles where the research approaches and design of the studies are clearly illustrated.

Please note further: Google is not a resource nor are newspapers.

All sources must contain empirical data and should be peer reviewed. It is recommended that you use articles containing qualitative rather than quantitative research.

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