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Choose an object that is central to how you understand your own cultural identity.

Design a 6 minute presentation that clearly demonstrates how this object represents your cultural identity.
Identity is formed from our own distinct characteristics, experiences and perspectives/beliefs and
also from our membership to particular groups and communities. The following are the
characteristics that can connect us to a community or provide a point of difference; religion, age,
education, gender, social class, sexuality, occupation, race, region and neighbourhood. Your
presentation should touch on those characteristics which are relevant to you and to the object
you use to represent your cultural identity.

You can design your presentation any way you choose. There are various tools available
through Blackboard such as wikis, PebblePad webfolios and blogs and you are welcome to use
these tools or you can create videos, powerpoints, you can link to on-line videos such as youtube
and you can use voice recordings to enhance your presentation. You are welcome to email
to discuss your presentation. There are resources available under the Assessments button,
which give some suggestions for undertaking voice recordings with powerpoint. It is important
that if you do choose to use a voice recording with a powerpoint that you ensure you embed the
voice recording so that the whole file is transferred correctly.

Your presentation should be referenced. Make sure you use quality peer reviewed and
credible literature – NOT wikipedia, blogs, or opinion pieces, ‘un-authored’ web pages, or
websites/documents that have not been published in reputable sources such as journals or other
authorities. This presentation requires 8 – 10 references as a minimum requirement.

I’m a non-religious, 27 year old, straight, Caucasian female, I attended private education, I come from a middle class family, I am a Child Protection Worker, I am of English heritage with both of my parents being from the UK however I was born and grew up in Australia.

If possible I would like the object used to represent my cultural identity to be the ‘Ashes’ urn – the trophy in the cricket tournament between England and Australia (I support the England cricket team as I grew up with my parents watching cricket and supporting cricket – if this is relevant)

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