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choose one of the works, or collection of works, below and write a response in which you discuss the ways that this literature helped to create revolutionary change. for example:voltaire candide

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1.essay content: for this essay , you will analyze how literatures is influenced by the time period it was created in and how literature influences the time period it was crated in. consider the historical and social environment and analyze how we see these societal influences in literature. i recommend narrowing your focusing on a few main points.
*perhaps you can focus on such aspects as:
political change/social change/ideological change/ideologies related to race, class, gender, the environment/enlightenment, liberation, freedom, equality
2.will be graded on the strength of your essay focus, use of textual evidence to support your interpretation, paragraph& idea development, ability to follow MLA format and sentence-level issues.
3.your essay will need to have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion
*the introductory paragraph (first paragraph) will include your thesis statement, or a main focus
*he body paragraphs should further explain your topic (or reason for writing) and need to include textual evidence to support your thesis
*the conclusion will wrap-up your essay and your main points, as wee as lead to some type of analysis of the the information you presented
-here is where we answer that”so what? and who cares?” questions

things to think
1. why it is literature is importance?
2.how can reading literature expand people world view?
3. can literature help us to be more tolerant of others?
4.why it is important for the oppressed to tell their stories?
5. in what ways can writing be used as an attract see things on oppressors?
6. how does the author challenge readers to see things difference or to revolt?


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