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Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: a Case Study- only apply if you are familiar with the topic as well as PCR and DNA sequencing!
Project description

write a discussion/conclusion for the paper in the section following the heading ‘Discussion’.
Please, I want you to first briefly tell me what you can tell from the results. So you’ll need to read the methods and results sections THOROUGHLY. (Note: a good response=1 log reduction by 1month, 2 log reduction by 3 months, 3 log reduction by 6 months. A complete molecular response CMR= 0 BCR-ABL signal). Discussion should include reference to the database of known ABL mutations (I’ll upload this shortly) and we need to make recommendations for future treatment regimens appropriate for each patient. Conclusion should refer to the potential of molecular methods to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring, and mutation detection for personalized medical treatment.


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