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Collaborating Toward the Achievement of a Social Justice Goal

Module 4 Assignment 4

Collaborating Toward the Achievement of a Social Justice Goal

Ideologies such as “venture philanthropy” (Saltman) and “human capital” (Spring) have become popular in the education debate. Underlying these ideologies is a strong commitment to positive social change that is shared with educators in unions, universities, education associations, and government agencies.

As a Walden University learner, you are also committed to a career of positive social change. Your ability to identify like-minded organizational partners may hold the key to your success as a leader and scholar. Grant-funded research, joint policy initiatives, and endowed chairs are just a few examples of collaboration between partners with a common goal.

In this assignment, you will portray the relative influence of foundations and think-tanks over the Module 2 issue. In addition, you will create a 3-page message to a senior executive persuading him or her to collaborate toward the achievement of a social justice goal.

To prepare for this assignment, review the linked videos in the multimedia resource and the cited websites, as well as the article by Ball and Exley. Refer to your Data Collection Worksheet for assistance with Part I.

The Module 4 Assignment consists of two parts:

Part I: Graphic Diagram

As you did with the groups and associations in Module 3, add your selected foundations and think-tanks to your graphic diagram. Be sure to capture in a visual manner the relationship and relative power of the organizations over the issue that you selected. You are developing a visual portrait of the governance structures, groups, and organizations impacting your issue.

Build on the graphic diagram that you created in Module 3 by adding foundations and think-tanks that exert influence over your Module 2 issue. Illustrate the following:
1.The name and level (local, state, national, international) of the foundation or think-tank

2.Influence over the selected issue (relative to that of other foundations and think-tanks)

3.Overlap with other foundations and think-tanks

Part II: Persuasive Argument

Develop a 3-page message (e-mail or letter) to the senior executive of a foundation or think tank persuading him or her to collaborate in a partnership to address a social justice goal. The goal may or may not be related to your Module 2 issue. For example, if your Module 2 issue is reading instruction, your social justice goal might be literacy. Include the following in your message:
1.The nature of your goal

2.Your rationale for approaching this particular foundation or think-tank (e.g., a shared mission)

3.Expected contributions/assistance (e.g., funding, research, personnel, public relations, or lobbying)

4.Evaluation criteria (e.g., how will you know that your collaboration is a success?)

Be sure to support your argument with references from your readings and additional research.

Assignment length: Graphic diagram plus 3-page persuasive message

Submit both parts of the assignment for grading by the end of Module 4.

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