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commentary (letter to the editor)

Paper details:
The paper you have to write is a commentary (letter to the editor) the paper should not be more than two pages and the third page will be the work cited page.( http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/22/opinion/ignoring-sexual-abuse-in-afghanistan.html?_r=0 ) this is the URL of the article

Writing Project #2: Commentary (Letter to the Editor)
Page range:1.5 – 2 pages
Grade Percentage:20%

–Use MLA formatting/citation style
–Use 12-point fonts
–Double-space the essay.
–Write at least the minimum page requirement. I won’t grade papers that do not reach at least
minimum length.
–No need to use title page, but do write a thoughtful title for your essay.
–Use one-inch margins left and right, and top and bottom.
–Make sure to number your pages.
–Proofread! I expect a high level of correct grammar and mechanics.

Find an op-ed piece on a news website, in a magazine, or from a newspaper that is no more than a week old. This will be the article you have previously submitted for my approval. (Note: If you change articles, you MUST have the new article approved). Then write a letter to the editor that reacts in a positive or critical way. Your letter should do the following:
1.    Address the editor of the publication.
2.    Address and summarize the article and issue.
3.    Clearly state your opinion/issues concerning the article and the issue.
4.    Support your argument (with outside sources, factual evidence, personal experience, etc.)
5.    Recognize logical fallacies.
6.    Avoid condescension.
7.    Show personal voice/tone.
NOTE: Do not get confused and argue the issue only. You are writing a Letter to the Editor ABOUT the article you have chosen and the way the writer has addressed a current issue.
*** You must also include a correct MLA format citation for your article on a separate “Works Cited” page.
– Clearly defined subject and purpose
– Engages in close reading and analysis
– Masters strategies for responding clearly and effectively to writing/opinions of others.
– Adopts a suitable style and voice
– Uses relevant support through research
– Clearly shows research and understanding of the issue.

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