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Community (Church) Involvement

“Discuss your involvement in and contributions to a community. What did you accomplish? How did this experience influence your goals”

Experience to talk about:
I have been an active member at my local church, ISNS, for the past 4 years. I founded an organization known as Annual Food Drive. I founded/mamanger of this
organization that now collects canned foods each year and at the end of the year we donate all the canned goods to a third world country such as Iraq/India.
Also part of the Youth Chairman Board Member group for past 2 years. Being part of board memeber means tkaing initaitve, running events, planning fundraser events,
making sure the SUnday school ruhns smoothly, part of admistrative staff.
I am also an assistent teacher here for past 2 years now, Every Sunday, I dedicate 4 hours of my time to volunteer as teacher at my local church. As an assistant
teacher for grades 1-5, I taught students about their religion and provided extra help.
I ACCOMPLISHED: Collected over 500 cans now. Ran church smoothly when part of borad. Raised over $600,000 in fundraiser money to keep church running. Provided help to
students as teacher
IMPACT FUTURE GOALS: Want to one day become a doctor pursue medical field. Requires teamwork and taking leadership position. People are coutning ad relying on you to
do your job right and help others. Same in church people relied on me to make sure everything ran smoothly.
*All events occured at church shows different roles i played at my community church

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