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Compare and Contrast 3 change management models, critically evaluating their relevance to innovation and organisational performance.

To use books and Journal articles: Managing innovation by Tidd & Bessit, innovation management(strategy and implementation using the pentanthalon framework) 2nd edition by Keith Goffin and Mitchell. Managng change in organisations and any other relevant sources.

To compare the similarities and differences of the models Not simple description.

? Brief background
? Thesis statement that answers all the ?so what?? questions. (10%)
Main body:
a) Compare & Contrast 3 change management models (40%)
? Compare first? Contrast first?
? What does comparison/contrast tell you?
b) Relevance to innovation & organisational performance (20%)
? One model/all models
? Include organisational examples to support

B. Summarise how you proved your argument

Comment on the topic( the broad topic) by looking at someones opinion on change & definition, or direct quote or identifying the challenges of change.

Make a link between change and innovation. Looking at how they are connected. Then evaluate how relevant they are to organisational performance.

Say what incremental innovation is & arguing what change model would support incremental or radical innovation. Define why organisational performance is an important part of innovation & change. Show examples of high performing successfully innovative companies & what change model might they have used.

Briefly introduce the 3 models start with the old model then move onto the latest model. To look at what key principles are these models based on? Their views on change are they similar or not?

To look at how change should be managed. The approach these models promote and what sort of planning do they suggest for change. The scale of change is it large organisational change or small & look at which model is best for this. A good model of change will tell the change agent how the change should be lead. Look at leadership is it autocratic or transitional.

How do you deal with staff who are resistant to change?
Are the models similar or different in promoting resistance to change. Also how the change is communicated.

From the above discussion look at the models are all relevant or is one more relevant than the others & why???

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