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Compare and contrast the content and the theme of two poems: Digging by Seamus Heaney and The Writer by Robert Wilbur

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The two poems that need to be used in this essay are:
– Digging by Seamus Heaney
– The Writer by Robert Wilbur (you can find the poems online)

The common theme of the poems is independence vs. dependence. So please stick to this theme.

Both poems are about family dynamics and carrying the roots of the ancestors. So please make sure to find commonalities between the poems. Even though two poets handle this topic from two different aspects, they intersect in some point and you should state how two separate points of views can end up in the same theme.

Content: Please read the guidance paper that I uploaded because there is a criteria for each paragraph so you should double check after writing each paragraph.
Please do a profound analysis of the relationship between two poems. If you can think of other themes that integrate two poems, you can use it.
Introduction: You should start with a quote corresponding to the theme and explain it. You should explain the relevance of the quote to the other poem and explain the main concern of both poems.
Please provide a deep analysis rather than summarizing.
The thesis shouldn’t be in the typical structure like: It is seen in X,Y and Z. It should be more creative.
Body paragraphs: Each of the body paragraph has to start with clear topic sentence.
Use quotes in each paragraph.
Integrate the two poems in each paragraph rather than mentioning them seperately.
Please use transitions between body paragraphs.
Conclusion: Please do a reflection to the opening quote.

Structure: Please use the correct MLA citation for both poems ( Author name line x) and the work cited.
Please use present tense and SHORT SENTENCE. (My professor doesn’t want long and confusing sentences.
Please use sophisticated language and vocabulary.
Please write a creative title to the essay.
Please write full 4 pages of essay.
Please paraphrase and use quotations from both poems as evidence.
Please do not use any additional sources rather than these two poems.
Please make sure that every idea that you take is in your own words and the evidence is cited because plagiarism is very important.

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