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Compare and contrast the positions of two philosophers (Descartes and Hume) with respect to the ‘God Hypothesis’ OR ‘Naturalism’
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Write a single essay in response to the following topic:
Compare and contrast the positions of two philosophers (Descartes and Hume) with respect to the ‘God Hypothesis’ OR ‘Naturalism’ . (Choose’God Hypothesis’ OR ‘Naturalism’)
The God Hypothesis is the notion that God is hypothesized in order to answer the following sorts of questions: Why are we here? What is the world like? What is the meaning of Life? How can we know anything? How do we determine how to act? etc.

Naturalism is the idea that, in answering such questions, we seek to find our answers in terms of the world that we observe, or experience, or otherwise directly interact with via our senses and bodies, rather than in terms of supernatural entities (like God, or gods, or faeries, etc.).

DO NOT attempt to, for example, compare the entirety of Descartes’ meditations with the entirety of Hume’s dialogues concerning natural religion. That is NOT what I want ! !

You need to select SPECIFIC arguments, or lines of thought, offered by two philosophers (Descartes and Hume) that you believe bear directly upon the ‘God Hypothesis’ and discuss these particular arguments or lines of thought. (IMPORTANT!!)
You can Only cite from the books I uploaded to you(with Page Numbers). Make sure they are match! I need to find your citation on that page! Do not cite from others. Use your own words otherwise you will fail this course and get plagiarism!
This essay should be typewritten pages with one inch margins.

Please pay attention that this paper is completely different from the one you wrote last time(Is God innate?) You cannot use similar sentences.

Descartes: Meditations on first philosophy, From http://selfpace.uconn.edu/class/percep/DescartesMeditations.pdf
Descartes: Objections to the meditations and Descartes’s replies, From
David Hume: Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.

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