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Comparing Houston Chronicle to New York Times

Compare a day’s coverage of the New York Times, and the Houston Chronicle (available in the library or online). Write a report addressing the types of news covered, the substance of its content, the type of advertising it carries, the political slant (if any), and the fairness/balance of the editorial page. Research what company owns each newspaper. Also look at the “newsmakers” (people quoted in the story) – including gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Be sure to include a reference to the newspaper issues studied (date). Place most of your focus on the compare/contrast angle; please don’t waste time/space re-telling the specifics of individual news stories.

-include specific date of analysis
-include who owns each newspaper
-mention “news-makers” and their demographics (gender/age/etc.)
-thoroughly compare/contrast the following:
Types of news covered/Substance
Types of advertising
Political slant
Fairness/balance of editorial page


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