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Writing to Tell Someone Else’s Story
you’re going to take this a step further and tell the story of someone else.

Conduct and incorporate an appropriate interview
Create vivid description (
Form an interesting angle
Integrate sources effectively
Create a correct MLA Works Cited page

In this assignment, you will interview a professional who is in one of your desired career fields. As you prepare for the interview and after, you will need to figure out an interesting take on the interview (the angle). Good writing begins with questions, so ask yourself what you’re interested in. What more do you want to find out from this person? What interests you?

, you must draw on your own experience to draw the reader in with vivid description. During the interview, be sure to take a lot of notes about everything going on (what is the interviewee doing? What is the building like? Their office? And so forth).

Besides effectively incorporating the interview into your profile essay, you will also need to incorporate one source of research. This can be from a website and should provide background information. Because you are incorporating two outside sources (the interview and the background source), you will need to have a Works Cited page.

Finally, because this is a writing process class, you need to reflect on your writing experience in a cover memo. On the first page of your draft, please answer these questions. NOTE: This does not count towards your word count or page-length requirement.


You will be assessed on how well you:
Utilize logos and pathos with an interesting and cohesive angle
Employ pathos with vivid description
Incorporate your interview and outside source appropriately
Create an appropriate and professional voice (ethos)
Organize your profile (both the overall organization and paragraphs)
Produce approximately 1200-1500 words (4-5 pages)
Use MLA formatting, including a Works Cited page (cite your outside source and interview)

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