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Conflict resolution

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The ability to communicate effectively and manage conflict are key skills for influencing health policy or in any form political engagement. We have learned that the meaning of politics refers to the allocation of scarce resources. Therefore, in our practice as healthcare professionals, we have all likely experienced some degree of conflict in determining how to use the resources available to us. These resources could be staff, supplies, a budget, or our own time.

Please describe a personal experience with conflict or a communication challenge in your professional life. This may be a current or past experience in which you feel you successfully managed conflict or one in which you felt particularly challenged. Identify the conflict management style you used in this situation and how you might apply what you have learned this week to address this particular conflict differently or another going forward.

The situation you describe does not have to be a factual one but it must meet the criteria described above. Please write about an interesting situation and write about a creative and interesting resolution using the conflict resolution techniques described in the attached resources. .

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