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Constructing an Effective Appeal for Action

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– For this assignment, you must write a short essay on a disputed topic which ultimately asks your readers to take action. This topic must be something about which reasonable people could disagree. In some cases, you might advocate doing nothing when other people want to take action, or stopping doing something that causes more harm than benefit.


– Use third person.
– Follow APA formatting for an essay, incorporating level I headings throughout.
– Incorporate into your essay 2-3 rhetorical strategies of development from the 8 listed below:
1. Exemplifying: Giving instances or examples
2.Narrating: Telling a story or recounting a process
3.Describing: Showing the parts or features of something
4.Evaluating: Assessing how good something is
5.Defining: Telling what something means
6.Classifying: Putting something in a group with similar things
7.Comparing-Contrasting: Saying what something is like and not like
8.Showing Cause and Effect: Explaining why something exists or happens

– Cite at least two credible sources. One must be a scholarly journal article.

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