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select two reputable news organisations (One must be Western the other non-Western) and compare there coverage over a major issue. The issue that I am thinking of doing is the current Refuge Crisis. So you must compare 2 International news organisations coverage of the same topic. I have selected the current Refuge Crisis. Within the additional files that I will be uploading the main Instructions sheet, has all of the Instructions in depth, and has the points that must be covered within the essay, along with the Marking Criteria.You must read this extremely carefully as it has fine points that must be covered before commencing .It also has a list of news channels they being Global networks that you can select from to talk about. However one must be a Western and the other Non Western channel, comparing there coverage over the same topic, mine being the current Refugee crisis. Furthermore all of the sources that are found must be academic. The Media sources will be the data that you are analysing. You must find as many academic sources as this shows a wide range of research. Furthermore along with the additional Instructions I will be uploading one course reading that must be used within the essay. What must be compared from this reading are simple concepts, however they must be cited within the essay to demonstrate that I have used course readings. The following essay is extremely Important and it must be completed to an extremely high standard and on time. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. If the work is not up to standard i will be requesting for a full refund.

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