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Controversial Culture

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Research paper is for Sociology class Culture & Diversity
–Paper must have an outline/title page/reference page
–APA format
–•Include an introductory paragraph that introduces your chosen scenario and previews the main topics your paper will cover
–•Include a concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points and the benefits of learning about the issues you’ve discussed.
–•Use headers to organize your paper and divide into sections as appropriate.
— research paper that focuses on one of these scenarios, analyzing what happened, what the consequences either are or might be, and how the situation can be corrected and or prevented in the future. These must be concrete suggestions that could actually be implemented rather than vague references or opinions.

–The scenario is as follows:
Islam is a highly controversial and sensitive issue in today’s world, and there are many misconceptions about its beliefs, values, and goals. For example, many Americans believe that most Muslims live in the Middle East, while in reality Indonesia has many more people of the Islamic faith. What this means is that Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, is practiced in many different cultures, and it both shapes and is shaped by those cultures. For this assignment, research the teachings of Islam and how they are interpreted and or practiced in different countries and cultures, including the United States, Great Britain, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries. Additionally, how is it contrasted with Christianity and Judaism? How do these understandings impact the ways that Muslims and non-Muslims interact and communicate with one another?

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