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Corporate Social Responsibility “What’s the Status?”

It is time to get serious about the moral aspects and social responsibility of decision making in organizations. Performance expectations must be achieved through ethically and socially responsible action.

Length: At least 5-7 pages single spaced maximum 12 point font.


Where do businesses stand today with respect to the criteria for evaluating social responsibility discussed in the textbook?


Use research sources (books, newspapers, magazines, journal articles) to complete a project, in report format, on this question. Specific topics for consideration might include the following:

· Case studies of employers reported as having strong social responsibility programs. What do they have in common? What do they do differently? Would you use them as a model of social responsibility for others to follow, or not?

· Conduct research to identify current examples of the “best” and the “worst” organizations in terms of performance of social responsibility criteria. Pursue this investigation on an (a) international, (b) national, and/or (c) local scale.

· Choose an issue such as environmental protection or product labeling. Conduct research to identify the “best” and the “worst” organizations in terms of performance in these specific matters. Again, consider looking at this issue on an (a) international, (b) national, and/or (c) local scale.

· Create a “scale” that could be used to measure the social responsibility performance of an organization. Review the research in this area, but use your own judgment. Test the scale by applying it to two or three local organizations.

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