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Question 1.
James runs a single director proprietary company called Jamboos Pty Ltd.
(a) Explain the rules that Jamboos must operate under and James’ powers under the Corporations Act.
(b) James is considering bringing his brother into the company as a shareholder. Explain what difference that will make to the company.
(c) James wants to raise more capital to increase the size of the company and expand its business. What options does James have in seeking to raise more funds?
(d) Explain the implications of Jamboos becoming a public company.

Question 2
Identify and explain how some parts of the Corporations Act allow certain business conducted at company meetings to stand notwithstanding that the meeting has not strictly complied with all the legal requirements of the Act. Please refer to any relevant case law that supports your answer.

note:you have to mention the act section
(1322) 1: what it does?
2: when it’s apply?

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