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Correlation and Regression with SPSS

Paper details:

raft up to a one page double-spaced write up of the statistical results (include any additional pages needed for any APA tables or graphs and the SPSS syntax and output) in which you do the following:
State the statistical assumptions for this test.
Using the data set you have selected, choose two continuous or metric variables for which you would like to test a relationship.
Develop the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis.
Use SPSS to calculate a correlation coefficient and a simple linear regression. You can decide which should be the independent (predictor) variable and which should be the dependent (criterion) variable.
Decide whether to reject or retain the null hypothesis.
Generate a scatterplot to visually assess the relationship between two variables.
Generate syntax and output files in SPSS. You will need to copy and paste these into your Application document.
Based on your SPSS analysis, report the results using correct APA format. Your report should include the following:
SPSS syntax and output files

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