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Please compose a well-written and organized essay in response to each of the following questions. When writing your response, please:
1) Use the most current APA (6th edition) Style, with 1-inch margin, double-spaced, 12 pt font, with a reference list at the end.
2) Write clearly and concisely.
3) Cite appropriate and especially current literature (empirical and/or theoretical).
4) Avoid all sexist idioms and allusions.
5) Remember to demonstrate your multicultural competence where appropriate.
1. Assessment: What assessment would you conduct to enhance your understanding of the client’s problems and how would they direct your diagnostic formation? In addition, what formal assessment procedures (conducted either by you or by someone you would refer to) would enhance your understanding of the problems and direct your treatment planning? Why?

2. Diagnosis: Develop a differential diagnosis. What are your diagnostic considerations? Indicate why you are considering these possible diagnoses by providing specific evidence from the vignette. Be sure to include relevant information from the vignette to support your answer and give a 5-axis diagnosis (including use of V codes) at the end of this question. What additional information do you need for each of the possible diagnoses in order to confirm your diagnoses and rule out the others?

3. Theory – Theoretical Conceptualization:

a. Using the diagnosis you developed above, provide ONE theoretically grounded case conceptualization for the client, based on the theory you choose for your treatment approach. In other words, offer at least one theoretical explanation of what has caused the symptoms displayed by your client (why does your client have these symptoms?).

b. Develop a therapeutic treatment plan for the client based upon your theoretical conceptualization above. Please make sure you identify the name of the theory your treatment plan is based on, using appropriate headings. Provide empirical evidence with appropriate citations to support your choice of theory and the treatment plan that you are recommending for use with this client. Be sure to discuss working with this particular client (including effectiveness/limitations in working with this particular client’s background using the above theories and treatment plans).

4. What might be some of the transference and counter transference issues between you and the client? What are your areas of growth (what do you need to work on) that will be addressed while working with this client?

Using an ethical decision making model, answer the following:
5. What are the ethical and legal dilemmas this vignette introduced? What would be your immediate steps and why? Please be specific and make sure that you describe your process of ethical decision making and the solutions/consequences this process might lead to.
6. Given the client’s ethnicity and background, what factors or cultural considerations would you take into account in rendering diagnoses, case conceptualization, and treatment planning? What other cultural factors may be salient for this client?

7. What are the relevant multicultural theories and/or models that you would use in working with this client? Discuss how you would incorporate them in your work.


You are currently employed as a counselor in a counseling agency in an urban area. The director of the agency is concerned that the needs of the community are not being met by the services provided at the agency you work for. The director is specifically concerned with the level of cultural competence of therapists and staff at the counseling agency and the impact this has on psychotherapeutic services being delivered to clients of all cultural backgrounds. The director is concerned that your agency by under serving the needs of the local community.

Since you are considered an expert in research design, she has asked that you implement a study that evaluates her concerns. She asks you to develop measures to assess for the relationship between the cultural competency of staff and therapists at your agency and the impact this is having on both satisfaction levels and needs of clients.

Develop a proposal describing how you would take the information and insights gained from this research project and implement the results in your clinic in order to address your director’s concerns. This may include staff trainings, workshops, clinic program development/restructuring etc. Lastly, make sure to include discussions on relevant ethical and multicultural issues.

Please compose a well-written and organized paper.

When writing your paper, please:
1. Use the most current APA (6th edition) Style.
2. Write clearly and concisely.
3. Cite appropriate and current literature (empirical and/or theoretical).

The format of your paper should include/address each of the following points:

• Title Page
• Literature Review:
Description of the study, selection and justification of appropriate theoretical model, brief review of related literature
• Method Section:
Purpose of the study; hypotheses and/or assumptions; one or more testable research questions, including identification of variables; and limitations of the methodology; participants, data collection procedures (depending on your selected model, identify instruments and measures and how those would be used); and data analysis (how the data analysis would be performed and the data evaluated)
• Discussion Section:
Implications, multicultural, and ethical considerations
• References

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