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The purpose of this assignment is to get more familiarized with other countries, their economies, and the interaction they have with the U.S.
Select a country
Use the country’s name as the title of your assignment
Describe the location of the country (What continent is this country in?, What countries surround it?) You can include a small map
Describe the population and demographics and compare it to the U.S. For this you can include a table or a graph, but you also have to write a small paragraph to
explain either the table or the graph.
Add relevant issues like:
1. Political system
2. Name of the country’s leader: President, Prime Minister, Queen, King
3. History: Year it was formed or it got its independence. If it used to be a colony or part of an empire.
Include information about the personal distribution of income
Information about trade with the U.S. (imports, exports, trade treaties, etc.)

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