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Course Work 1
Course Work 1

Submit a report which provides answers to Questions 1 to 7.


You are nearing the end of the first year of an engineering apprenticeship and have been moved into the Quality control department of your company to gain further experience.

Part of your new job will involve assisting with the quality control. Inspection control and process control. You will be working with a senior quality control engineer. The chief engineer wants to test your knowledge of statistical process control.

To prove what you know about statistical process control you should attempt the following course work.

Learning Outcomes 1.1
1.1: Evaluate the two basic types of inspection used in sampling for process control

1) There are two principle inspection methods used in the sampling process.
Identify and then evaluate these methods
(Maximum length 300 words)
Learning Outcome 1.2
1.2: Describe the significance of natural and assignable causes of variation

2) During a quality inspection of a product you can have either natural or assignable causes of variation. Identify and describe the significance of these variations.
(Maximum length 300 words)

Learning Outcomes 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3
1.3: Use selected data to construct frequency distribution and calculate mean, range and standard deviation
1.4: Relate the characteristics of the normal curve to the distribution of the means of small samples
2.1: Select and group sample data based on variable inspection and attribute inspection and calculate appropriate control chart limits
2.2: Construct control charts for variables, rejects per unit and percentage defectives per batch
2.3: Initiate a control program for a specified application
A factory mass produces resistors of various standard values, in order to test the production processes samples are taken. In Appendix 1 there are 16 tables, each showing one batch of samples.
3) For your given data set of ungrouped data calculate the mean, range and standard deviation.
4) From the information you correlated:

a. Identify the relationship between the normal curve and the mean values
(Maximum length 300 words)

b. Select and group the data based on variable and attribute inspection methodology.
5) Using appropriate control charts, calculate the limits you would use
(Equivalent to 300 words plus calculation)
6) Construct an appropriate control chart for variable inspection methodology, showing rejects per unit and percentage defects per batch
7) Develop and implement an inspection control program for your data.Identify:

a. The inspection methodology used
b. The control charts
c. Frequency of inspection and or the batch size
d. Method of implementation
(Maximum length 450 words)
Appendix 1
Data Set 15
Sample Resistance
(Ohms) Resistance
(Ohms) Resistance
1 952 952.5 952.9
2 960 960.6 960.8
3 952 952.7 952.7
4 968 968.8 968.6
5 944 944.9 944.5
6 960 960.1 960.4
7 952 952.2 952.3
8 976 976.3 976.2
9 984 984.4 984.1
10 960 960.5 960.4
11 968 968.6 968.8
12 952 952.7 953
13 944 944.7 945
14 984 984.8 986
15 960 960.9 961
16 968 968.1 969
17 952 952.2 952
18 944 944.3 945

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