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Assignment 1 – Music Education
Assignment 1 – Music Education
Total word count for both tasks is 2,000 words (but you will not be penalised if you exceed this).
Key curriculum elements. (15%)
The key elements for the music curriculum are singing, playing instruments, moving, composing and listening. Write about one page (approx 400-500 words) that outlines why you think teaching these key elements is important both for developing music skills and knowledge and contributing to education more broadly. What you would hope to achieve in the classroom and what potential difficulties you might expect ?
I would prefer your own ideas rather than quotations from curriculum documents. Assessment will be based on expressing main issues; having imaginative but realistic ideas; recognition of the classroom context.
Integrating Music into the Curriculum (25%).
Choose THREE HSIE existing units of work (each from a different stage level) or if you like another curriculum area, such as, mathematics.
For each, briefly outline at least two musical activities (TWO different types and not extensions of each other ie for assignment purposes don’t teach a song and then add instruments to it as two activities) that would relate to the unit or area. Provide as much detail as possible (eg names of songs, etc.) (approx 500 words)
Provide one lesson plan for one of the musical activities taught in each unit (ie three lessons plans all up). You only need to include the music part of the lesson and this could be quite short, eg a 10 minute exercise. For the lesson plans I am interested in learning what you plan to do with the children. Use a format that works for you and don’t be too hung up on bureaucratic jargon. The point of this exercise is for you to think about how music can be integrated into other curriculum areas. Be imaginative about how you can learn songs or listen to music that relates to the HSIE unit or create soundscapes or music/movement activities. (approx 1000 words)
Assessment is based on both the quality and originality of ideas and the clear expression of them in your outline and lesson plans. Try to include different types of activity – e.g. I don’t want three lesson plans for songs, even if you do identify a song for each unit (which is quite possible).
All lessons must have a music focus.
Assessment criteria:
Demonstration of importance of each musical element to music and general education.
Good discussion of each musical element with several arguments.

Creative ideas for implementation.
Imaginative use of music and use of several different approaches or types of activities.

Realistic recognition of potential problems.
Identification of realistic problems and possible solutions

Creative ideas for links to HSIE units.
Imaginative ideas that enhance the other KLA unit.

Clear expression of teaching procedure in lesson plans.
Good structure of lesson with realistic activities and contingencies.

Inclusion of sufficient details of materials and resources.

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