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Critical Analysis Essay

Institution: Australian Human Resources Institute (industry recognised)
What: Practising Certification Program Level: – post grad level (on successful completion has advanced standing for pathway to various unis for Masters program)

Course Unit 2 – The HR Organisational Environment.

Assessment – Critical Analysis Essay words: 3000 – 3500
Task: Critically analyse the likely major implications of the Productivity Commission’s inquiry for Workplace relations in Australia and the for the industry in which you work.
INDUSTRY – Community Services, not for profit (ageing, homeless, mental health services).
To assist answering the questions go to
http://www.pc.gov.au/inquiries/current/workplace-relations) and investigate the issues that the inquiry is addressing by analysing the key inquiry documents available such as: terms of reference, issues papers, productivity commission’s draft report and any other relevant documents e.g. key submissions received from various organisations/bodies that relevant to the industry you work in which is the Community Services Sector, not for profit organisation.
Structure: Introduction, Body, Conclusion (though not to appear as headings) reference list. a minimum of 10 relevant academic references

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