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critical appraisal role of clinical pharmacist in chronic asthma disease
first : reading my essay about “Critical appraisal of the role of the clinical pharmacist in asthma chronic disease” the words is 3000 words except references is 15

i want first definitely from writer read what i made on the word file and the writer add and rewrite the essay in same order structure in academic style and must be use exactly what i upload file for
((((references exactly))) in same arrangement

please dont use another refrences
only what i uploaded for you.

anyway the essay will describe the what is the disease pathology and risk factor + disease management + patient care advice+ counselling education+ monitoring parameter+life style and the very important issue is patient safty education and counselling in addition the critical apprasial of the role of the pharmacist on this chronic asthma disease It is nice to add small figure the role of the clinial pharmacist in the diseases i will uploading for the writer my tried essay may help him and many articles and material may help the writer.

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