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Critical Reflection on a Reading

The student is required to write a critical reflection on “ERP in action-Challenges and benefits for management control in SME context”. It is required to use the template provided (which is called “Critical Reflection on a Reading – Research Article Template,Framework.docx”) to capture your reflection.

*Please note: leave the first cover sheet provided in the document blank.
Your reflection should include:
• The use of an effective note-taking framework (e.g.the template provided)
• Learning reflection and critique of the article
• Maximum word count for the report: 500 words(+/- 20 percent).
• The tasks will be assessed with the help of the marking depicted below:

**Students identify how the article contributes to our knowledge and understanding of a particular topic, concept and/or area of study
(identifies key ideas clearly; identifies the significance of the research to the research discipline and also clearly evaluates its effectiveness)

**Students analyse the information presented and
effectively communicate the main research design, methodology and/or argument.
(clearly combines and integrates ideas/data to generate notes and establish both a theoretically sound and effective note-taking activity.)

** Students critically evaluate information/data and adequately reflect on its quality and use for research.
(identifies relevant examples of supporting evidence, and provides appropriate rationale for
their use effectively questions information and
data and evaluates its purpose and significance.)

**Students organize information collected. Students communicate knowledge and understanding and the processes used to generate them.
(title relates to the key ideas presented in the notes; Full and correct acknowledgement of sources of all noted information (APA style); uses a hierarchical note-taking framework that organises the related information under the appropriate key headings)

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