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Critical Thinking: Two-Tier Wages: Same Job Different Pay
Critical Thinking: Two-Tier Wages: Same Job Different Pay
Create a report that summarizes the current status of two-tier plans and what we know about how they work. What direction we can expect from them in the future and how stakeholder concerns should be addressed.
Successful Critical Thinking Exercise will be three (3) to five (5) pages in
length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course addressing the areas defined in the Analysis Questions.
Papers are due and should be submitted via the Drop Box as defined in the class
schedule. Penalty points will be deducted from late assignments. Assignments submitted after the due date will be assessed a late penalty as defined in the Syllabus.

Grading Criteria:
Category Points

Name, Class, Title* 5
Discussion Topics:
1. Key points of Two-Tier plans vs. traditional plans. Organizational staffing implications?
2. Challenges of two-tier wage plans pose to the future in industry? Stakeholder concerns/issue and solutions. 20
Discussion of:
1. Pros and Cons of the Two-Tier Wage practices (Managers/Employees/Union)
2. Experiences working in a Two-Tier Wage Environment (Mangers/ Employees/Unions). 30
Current status and future viability of Two-Tier environments 15
Spelling, Grammar, Readability 5
Total: 75
*Assignments must include a cover sheet with your name, class, and
title of the assignment.

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